BTC Nations - A Game of War!
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Contract adress 0x7682ECDEb892ce0f6DFC1d8d53407F4472Ad8a90


Buy tokens

Tokens price : 0.01000000 $
Tokens left on sale : 195130.00000000 CGM

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Input your BRC20 wallet (read the guide below on how to abtain one)
Your current wallet:

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Request withdrawal (tokens will be deducted from the total amount to cover gas fees, about 0.05$, in CGM : 421.03366184083) . Minimum 1000 tokens per request.

First add your wallet to access withdrawals .

Free tokens

Available tokens : 0.77405236 - The free tokens pool will increase based on the amount of sold tokens through the ICO, up to a total of +50.000 tokens .
Claim free tokens from the faucet below, they will be credited directly to your token balance account on BTCnations

You can claim once every 15 minutes. Base reward 1 token, +1 for each city and +1 for each referral +1 for every 100 tokens you already own. You can claim either from the USDT or the CGM faucet once every 15 minutes. The timer is unique for both cryptocurrencies so choose wisely.
Your current claim is : 1

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Airdrop tokens

Warning! You can claim ONCE from the airdrop , make sure you are happy with the amount of tokens you are eligible for, otherwise increase the amount of available tokens by completing the actions listed below.
Total airdrop pool : 36686.79673349
You are eligible for up to : 100 CGM

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Increase this amount by

- purchasing tokens directly from the ICO and/or claiming daily from the faucet (the more tokens you hold the more you can claim from the air drop). The amount of your available air drop tokens will increase by 1 for each token you hold on your BTCnations account (either purchased either claimed for free from the faucet).

- building cities (+10 tokens for each city).

- inviting referrals(+10 tokens for each invited member, these members dont have to own a city for you to earn more tokens).

Guide on withdrawals

-You are going to need a wallet that can hold BRC20 tokens. The one that the admins are using is Metamask so the guide is based on that , however other wallets might have a similar if not identical proccess.
First of if you havent yet add the BRC20 network by logging in to the wallet and input these parameters:

Network Name:





Symbol (optional)


Block Explorer URL (optional)

-Secondly click on "add custom token" and insert this line (it is the contract adress of the token) :
-Next copy your adress and input in the field on this page.
You will now be able to withdraw tokens to your wallet !

A requirement is also owning one city which costs just 0.01$
. You dont need to play the game or be active at all. Just owning a city will do!
A total of 500.000 tokens will be distributed through
100.000 through the faucet/airdrop
100.000 through the ICO
100.000 to the liquidity pool
Tokens remaining and unclaimed from the ICO, faucet and airdrop will be sent to the liquidity pool
Furthermore 200.000 tokens will be reserved for the BTCnations team .
50% of the ICO income will be used to provide liquidity , 50% will be used for marketing purposes.
The remaining tokens will be used for payments/rewards on all "cryptogaming" websites .
Likewise 500.000 tokens will be distributed on each of the other websites related to "cryptogaming".
500.000 tokens through
500.000 tokens through
500.000 tokens were added to this air drop as part of the BTCitizens extension launch.

Faucet and air drop tokens

Initially half the tokens will be available in the pool for free claims. For each ICO token being sold 0.5 tokens will be added to each of the pools for free claims.


The tokens are BRC20 with the lowest transaction fees and the fastest transaction speed.
Holders will receive 1% tax income in fees as dividents for holding .
The liquidity pool will is located at , where you can provide liquidity for an additional income .


1% will be sent to our marketing wallet
1% will be sent to users as dividents
1% will be added to the liquidity pool

Use case

The CGM token is a rewarding/paying mechanism unique to the websites associated with "cryptogaming". Currently there are two websites and a third one is in the workings.

How to earn

CGM can only be earned via staking or by performing certain actions on the sites that are associated with the token :


On BTCnations currently you will be able to earn CGM by:
- having cities
- building "CGM miners" which are special buildings that produce CGM daily
- looting other players, for every 1$ USDT looted you will receive 100 CGM
- members that have "protection"(from wars) on are excluded

Tokens cant be looted from other players on the sites, cant be exchanged on the market for goods and have to be sold directly at the liquidity pool.

Cash out

You can cash out by selling the tokens at the liquidity pool . The pair is BCH/CGM , receive (smart) BCH and use a "bridge" to swap for "ordinary" BCH .


CGM tokens will be used by users to purchase special features on the sites.


use bridging websites like


10% of the income of the sites will be distributed to the liquidity pool
10% will be added to the pot for members withdrawals
10% used for marketing purposes
10% for development
10% profits of the owner of "cryptogaming"
10% to expences related to the sites (SSL certificates, domain renewal, hosting and etc)

The remaining 40% will be added to an emergency fund to cover the other pools and any emergency.

Q "How do i know that the token is a good investment (will increase in price)"

A "we cant know for sure, however the system developed ensures transactions will be held and a sustainable growth as long as there are people interested in all the projects associated with "cryptogaming""