BTC Citizens - A Game of War!

Btcnations-citizens extension

BTCitizens is an extension of BTCnations. In this extension players can play without any deposits at all unlike BTCnations where at least an initial deposit of 0.01$ is required. BTCitizens is free-to-play and play-to-earn.


BTCitizens is a free-to-play, play-to-earn and pay-to-win text-based browser role playing-strategy game with character advancement, diplomacy and wars.

Members can choose a nation to live in(a nation from BTCnations) level up their characters, choose a job to work in (jobs present in BTCnations), train and participate in CGM mining.

Members can also claim free CGM from the faucet .

Users income can then be withdrawn from the game or used for further investments. Players can also participate in battles for extra experience rewards.

Members will be able to buy and sell resources on the market.
Prices will change for all users with each purchase/sell.

For support, suggestions bug reports and general inquiries you can join our discord channel where you can talk to the admins directly or to other users .
Guides and more detailed instructions on the mechanics of the game will be also available there to further assist you to understand how the game works .

You can also make new friends in the discord chat. In a future update you will be able to do so directly through the game.

Discord channel

For those who do not have discord or dont wish to join in a small basic guide is available here.